About Me

Well I had this page from my previous site. Decided not to copy it. I just wanted the fresh content to flow out here. So here I go... Get ready to know the (would-be) most influential person in the Globe after Bill Gates (Well I respect him :)) Hope you'll know about me, my interests and well if at all you'll like me... sorry I am committed. :P

Name: Bhavik Vora

Age: 23 years

Profession: Senior Software Development Engineer, Working for OEM-IT in Microsoft IT, India.

About Myself: Well I am a tech-geek. I read-talk-sleep-walk-play technology. Basically I love programming and solving realistic algorithmic driven problems. I am a part time web-developer and I am also specialized in making .NET based Windows Applications. A big fan of Microsoft technology, I have the latest updates of the Tech-Gizmo-PC-World with me. My career interests are Clusters, AI, Wireless Networking and SOA.
In more of my personal life - I am a believer of GOD. I am 'lil sensitive, 'lil short-tempered, 'lil sweet - u see the perfect combination :). I love nature and love kittens. Well my (sadu) PJs keep all my frenz lookin out to kick my a** :P

GamePlay: Well off da PC, I play Cricket (can't live without) and Football and Table Tennis. While on-PC I prefer Strategy games of likes - Age Of Empires, SimCity and Racing too. But sometimes I do lurk into FPS games like CZ.

Favourite Pastimes: Well listening to music of likes - A.R. Rehman, Norah Jones, Enrique and Shaan does make me feel divine. My PC. Love reading tech journals and also a big Harry Potter Fan.