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I am aliveā€¦

hey.. jus refering to Prakash [;)].. i am still alive.. jus busy working on some things of life… few of them are jotted down !!!

- Imagine Cup done
- http://csi-vesit.org done with it !
- ATLAS.. oops its ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 .. still mastering it !
- SP project - C Editor Laughing completed
- OS project - Process Control Block Yell skipped.. Balli did it
- http://bhavikvora.com CMS in AJAX and ASP.NET 1.1  did it in ASP.NET 2.0 and ATLAS coming soon..
- C#.NET 2005 done the basics !
- GRE ???? Undecided
- ADBMS Project - Cricket World !!!  lol.. no comments..
- D12 Class Placement Database Website  done !

well theres much more to life, other than jus programming !!!
and dat i cant it out discuss here Wink