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hello world again !!!

hello all…

its been a looong time since i have blogged…

well the actual reason to keep me busy was the long tiring schedule of
CSI and Imagine Cup.

Well our team Novices@Work reached the National Finals of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2007.
It was a great experience altogether.. giving some bitter and some sweet moments..

i’ll be blogging later about hte experience of IC…

one sad news :::
i m in phase of closin this blog and my site !!! well this is to give a way to the new one !!!
well i am busy with the Sem 6 exams… but have given myself a target date : 07/07/07 — well ders nothin auspicious about the date ;) but jlt.. i m gonna build the new site in ASP.NET AJAX (well its a combined term.. previously known as ATLAS ! ) 

Also by the mean time.. gonna take out some time in learning about WPF and .NET 3.0. Hope to learn some programming of smart phone appz too.. (i neeed a phone for dat !!! :P)

chalo den.. if i get time.. will blog about it..