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My Profile iN Hindustan Times - Horizons

Well.. I was profiled in HT - Horizons (Mumbai Edn) 2 days back.. (Thanks Nazim)

 Well I am here at Microsoft, India doing a 6 week internship.

2 weeks are already over and i have leard a plathora of new things… and i’ll be sharing with you all of these.

I am working on Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation . I just got 2 assignments of wich i completed 2nd one (higher priority :P) n almost done with 1st one.. Well its taking lots of time to get along with the concepts and terms of VSTF, but as u thot, its easy for me :P

 Will be bloggin soon.. but rite now, i have to catch Employee Bus to reach home :)

have a gr8 weekend…

Microsoft India - MSIT (GDCI) Academic Intern

hello all…

just wanted to tell u all that i got selected in thte interview for Microsoft MSIT Internship.
Well I’ll be joining on 18th June till 26th of July (6 weeks).

Its a wonderful opportunity and i’ll definitely give my best of my abilities and time to it.

thanks and cheers.. well no vacations for me dis time.. but m gonna work hard to realise
my dreams.. and this is just the first step towards it.