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Joining Microsoft IT, India

Hi, the secret is out !!!
Well I am placed in Microsoft IT(MSIT), India. I'll be joining the Microsoft Campus in Hyderabad, next year.
Thanks to all my well wishers and all those who have supported me. And Special thanks to Vaibhav Sathe and my Imagine Cup Team.

From SOA to Wireless Mesh Networking !!!

Well finally we have chosed our BE. PRoject ! We as in - I, Veenit Mavani, Krunal Dedhia and Ankit Shah. Well my project was supposed to be SOA and we were supposed to particpate in IBM The Great Mind Challenge, but due to some technical problems Tongue out - I/We dont kno JAVA ;)

Finally we have setteled for Wireless Mesh Networking (See Problem Statement below). The only reason i feel we chosed this topic to evade JAVA :P  and to stick to C#.NET. lol. The actual reason behind this is that I always wanted to do something in Wireless Networking. Lets see how much am i able to do, since i am already missing (bunking) all lectures, Thanks to PRAXIS. This project will be done in accoedance with the Microsoft Academic Project - (http://msapp.net).

Problem Statement :
Setup and Configure a Virtual Wi-Fi Network in your institute using Microsoft’s Mesh Networking Resource Toolkit 2005.  You should use a single wireless card and be able to connect to multiple Wireless networks .

Well it seems easy.. lets see how well it works out. Also i am including the list of resources/help ::

• Check out the overview at Mesh Networking - http://research.microsoft.com/mesh/
• You will find documentation relevant to Mesh Networking at this link - http://research.microsoft.com/netres/kit/documentation.htm . Learn about MultiNet in this page. There are presentations and videos to help you learn more on the topic.
• Obtain the Mesh Networking Academic Resource Tool Kit at the link - http://research.microsoft.com/netres/kit/index.htm (check this link for all the information about this kit)
• The downloads section in this link will give you access to the source code of Mesh Connectivity Layer and Mesh Connectivity Layer documentation

Virtual Wi-Fi - http://research.microsoft.com/netres/projects/virtualwifi/
Virtual Wi-Fi FAQS - http://research.microsoft.com/netres/projects/virtualwifi/faq.htm
Virtual Wi-Fi papers, presentations - http://research.microsoft.com/netres/projects/virtualwifi/

Mesh Networking Academic Resource Tool Kit - http://research.microsoft.com/netres/kit/index.htm (check this link for all the information about this kit)
Other web downloads - http://research.microsoft.com/netres/software.aspx

I hope to learn a lot through this - a new toolkit, a new area of research and hopefully implement this project and atleast come to reach the Additional Objectives :
1. Use the Mesh Performance Measurement Tools and Utilities and provide your observations.
2. Study how you can enable simultaneous connections to multiple wireless networks using a single radio.

UPDATE (26th September 2007)
Thanks to Tejas Shah (MSFT), I have access to the Mesh Networking toolkit :) - set of 2 DVDs and 4 CDs :D 

Cheers !
Bhavik Vora Cool