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Website is up !


My webesite had been facing a lot of problems off late. Firstly my host (Softsys Hosting) changed the servers, wherein there was no backup of my site. 1 week passed before my friend Ruchir Shastri - who has provided with this hosting helped me out. The site data was back, thanks to him. And to be more reliable, I switched to a premium server, which Ruchir suggested. This created another problem - my previous control panel included Plesk, and now its HELM. It took me a while to understand the new control panel.

Now hopefully all the switching problems are gone now. And I'll be able to blog :)


Bhavik Vora

Interview tips for Microsoft Internship


I got many queries asking for help in the preparation for Microsoft Internship Interviews. So i thought to put out the reply i sent over here.

I'll firstly inform you that i was selected for the interview for internship through Imagine Cup 2007. We were top-11 National finalists and we got a chance to get ourselves interviewed.

The interview was telephonic and was around 45-mins long. You can expect a variety of questions ranging from creative to technical to HR. Also the technical qns were C/C++, AOA, Data Structures, OS and CN based. But all of them were purely practical. Also if you have programming skills as .NET, you may expect a cuppa of qn's on the same.

The most important part is your resume. You wont be asked a single thing outside your resume. So do not claim anything you dont know in your resume. Also the projects/technical papers form the basis of the interview.

I hope this helps.