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Sign in at more than 1 place in WLM 9 Beta


I am bloggin after such a long time. Well, while using Internet on my laptop, I came across an interesting feature of Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta. You can now sign in at multiple places onto the messenger. Previously when you sign into messenger at another place, your previous login would get disconnected. Now you can actually login multiple times onto multiple supported devices.

Heres a screenshot:

 With this feature, you can log out from the previously signed computers too from the currently signed in computer. Well there are 2 catches to this feature:

1. If you recieve a message when you are signed in at multiple places, it will be received by both the messengers.
2. Well, if you sign in on a version of messenger that doesnt support this feature, you will be signed out of all the other devices.



Network Simulator (NS-2) Resources


In accordance with my BE Project, I found out few of the Resources listed on the webpage - http://www.matlab.nitech.ac.jp/~khpoo/research/ns2.html

Network Simulator (NS-2) Resource Page

Tutorial & Documentation for NS2

Forum & FAQ


Technical Resources & Books



Topology Generator

Traffic Generator


Queue Simulation for NS-2

QoS for NS-2



Wireless Simulation


Peer-to-Peer Simulation

TCP/UDP Enhancements for NS-2


Ant Routing

Video Traces

Add-ons & Extensions

Source Code

* If you have any soucecode to share, please send to me


Also there are few resources available on NS2 over here - http://ns-2.blogspot.com/

I hope it will help others too :)

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Thanks and Regards,

Bhavik Vora