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Come Back !

Well, I have to admit that I have been ignoring a post over here for such a long time. I am sorry to all of my readers (I guess there ain’t many).

I wont give out reasons here. I’ll like to take out some time from my very tight schedule here at Microsoft. I am not burdened with work, but I am taking very slow at learning. Well working here at Microsoft is real fun, but the real fun is knowing people out here. I’ve been in touch with 3 different batches of college hires that joined this year- 2008. For all those whom I have met, I have been simply amazed by the immense knowledge these ‘geeks’ have. One thing to say, every one is unique in its sense.

Well I cannot promise to keep writing the blog, but I’ll make sure I put up a post (tech/non-tech) every week.

With this said, I need to get up for the Salsa Classes I have joined. And no, Salsa is not a new programming language ;).


Bhavik Vora