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Windows 7 Available in India from today - 22/10/2009

Windows 7, touted as the best Operating System ever from Microsoft (yes, that's us :)) is available in India from Today with the Laptop Manufacturers (OEMs).

Go Get your copy. :D

For newsmakers:

Windows 7 pre-sales have exceeded Harry Potter 7th book sales in AMAZON in UK! now beat that, which is quite impressive since Amazon's known for selling books and not software! :D
It also covered up all the pre-sales of Windows Vista in just 8 hours of its availability in pre-sales period.
Sources say it already has 1% of the World's OS market (inclusive of Beta1/RC/RTM available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers and yes few pirates).

I am on Windows 7. Are You?


System.Runtime.Interop.COMException when opening a web project in Visual Studio 2008

It was a funny error when I saw it yesterday morning. I dint have time to fix it and left it. The same solution was working in my other machine (Win7) and i was suspecting if it has something to do with the Visual Studio installation or that I was trying to access it from my new OS - Win Server 2008.

Well after a simple search on Bing - lo the resolution is quite simple - Just Run the Visual Studio 2008 as an Administrator :). The reason for this error is that VS2008 is not able to access the IIS metabase when UAC is turned on. I havent installed the Service Pack 1 for VS2008 which seems to give a nice little explaination for the error :D.

Hope this info helps. Thanks,