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Microsoft delays Top Notch ReleasesAfter confirming the delay of Vista to late May 2007 release, Microsoft confirmed the delay of Office 2006 to 2007. Also Microsoft has massively reorganized its Platforms & Services Division, which will now be made up of eight groups. The idea, the company says, is to better align its Windows and MSN efforts with its new "Live strategy."

Mozilla Firefox 2 Alpha 1 version released

Code-named Bon Echo, the first Alpha of Firefox 2.0 is now officially available. You can download it at ftp.mozilla.org. From the article: 'Here are some new features in Bon Echo Alpha 1 that require feedback: Changes to tabbed browsing behavior, New data storage layer for bookmarks and history (using SQLlite), Extended search plugin format, Updates to the extension system to provide enhanced security and to allow for easier localization of extensions, Support for SVG text using svg:textPath'

It's Official Dell Acquired Alienware

Dell just confirmed today that it had acquired boutique PC vendor Alienware. Alienware's Nelson Gonzalez said that his company will continue on with its own brand, design, sales and marketing, and support, though, so Alienware isn't going anywhere just yet. Gonzalez also said that Alienware PCs would not carry a Dell logo, and that he would report directly to Jim Schneider, Dell's chief financial officer. "I think that you'll find it very hard to find the Dell name on the [Alienware] web site," he said." The rumor is now fact.

Google Pages launched

Google released the first public beta of its Google Pages service, allowing users who signed up for the service in January and February to begin creating personal websites using an easy-to-use, browser-based tool. The service gives each user 100 MB of free storage space on Google's servers. To use the Google Page Creator tool, users must have an existing Google account. However, only those who signed up early (in January and February) to use Google Pages have access to the current beta. No new signups are being accepted at this time, Google said. The company is expected to open Page Creator to more widespread use over the next few weeks.
New Mobile GeForce Go Graphics

NVIDIA just launched a whole bunch of GeForce Go 7xxx graphics cards for notebooks. There is a Go 7900 GTX, a Go 7900 GS, a Go 7600 and a Go 7300. The GTX version looks like just a faster copy of the old Go 7800 GTX. There are also a few benchmark results of these new chips against the older NVIDIA chips and ATI's chips." by ScuttleMonkey on 3/25/2006 7:07 AMRead more | Open in browser
It's Official: No PS3 Until November

Sony confirmed Wednesday reports that it will delay the launch of its highly anticipated PlayStation 3 console until November. At that time, the company will launch the product simultaneously in Japan, Europe and the United States, Sony officials said.

The news were gathered from various resources. Naming a few…

Windows Live Messenger (Messenger 8) Beta 1

Welll Having got a chance to beta test for Windows Live Messenger after I got Invitation from Microsoft.

GooD Part
The interface no doubt is cool.
Offline Messages !!!
Icons for Individual contacts are too big.
Timestamping in conversations.
Nudges from both sides can be blocked.(bug out here)
Colourful Windows for each Contact.
Different Sharing Folders For each Contact.

The Bad Part
The Advertisements are tooo bad.
Icons geting enlarged on hovering quite annoying..have to set unhovering in da options windows.
Tabs (can be blocked).
MSN Plus Doesnt work with this.

The option in
Messages->Allow me to send and receive Nudges
blocks ur Nudges but still allows others to nudge u.

Windows Live Mail Beta Tested…

Well i have got yet another invitation for Windows Live mail beta… (its been over a month now)… well. kinda bored of it really .. thrs been so many bugs and knada so much of probs.. but atleast good features also…

Good ones first!!!

  • 2 Gb of Storage !!!
  • Faster, Faster and Faster…
  • Neat inteface…
  • Spell Check and Keyboard Shortcuts…. tooo good
  • Right Click Enabled for varoious opns –> forwarding, Replying, Deleting
  • Drag and Drop

Bad ones>>>

  • Theres no option for Deleting more than one mail at one go?? I need to dreag and drop each mail
  • Size of mail and mail box not known

Waiting for>>>

  • New storage meter
  • Keyboard shortcuts to compose, reply, or move e-mail messages
  • The ability to change how many messages are displayed in the Message List
  • Delete and Move buttons at the bottom of e-mail messages
  • The ability to add Mail Beta or MSN Messenger contacts from the Sent Mail Confirmation page
  • The ability to navigate to contacts that begin with a certain letter
    Integration of Mail Beta with MSN Messenger
  • Custom filters
  • Links to other MSN sites and services like MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces
  • The ability to add and customize a Signature
  • The ability to search within e-mail messages

Look about it here…

FLock Reviewed

Man Flocks Really goooood and same fer Firefox 1.5. Both are gr8 in capabilities and Flock is just in starting stage and the look and the feel is way too good. otugh competetion for IE 7 when it actually lands next year. Will Write about it in again after experimentin a few more days…..

Microsoft, Yahoo to Link IM Networks

UPDATED Microsoft and Yahoo announced on Wednesday a blockbuster interoperability deal that will reshape the landscape of the fragmented instant messaging market. The companies will connect their IM networks so users on each can communicate with one another using text and voice chat free of charge.

Starting in the second quarter of 2006, customers of both services will be able to see their friends’ online presence, share emoticons, and add new contacts from either Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger to their buddy list.

The agreement marks the first time major players in the highly-competitive IM industry have officially partnered up to enable cross-network communication. Interoperability has always been a hot topic among instant messaging providers, but had never yielded a compromise.

In 1999, Microsoft connected its MSN Messenger client to AOL’s AIM network - without authorization. The move let to a cat-and-mouse game of AOL cutting off its new competitor and MSN re-establishing communication with each update. Microsoft eventually gave up and focused on improving its client.

Such disparate messaging networks led to the creation of third party clients with the ability to connect to each simultaneously. AOL and others were initially critical of applications like Trillian, but eventually backed down and ceased efforts to block the newcomers.

“IM interoperability is the right thing for our customers, our businesses and the industry as a whole, and Microsoft is delighted to help lead these efforts with Yahoo,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in a statement.

“This is truly a turning point for the IM industry,” added Yahoo CEO Terry Semel, “and we believe our agreement with Microsoft will help usher in a new era of IP communications.”

Yahoo and Microsoft will now command upwards of 44 percent of the market, according to research firm Radicati Group, putting new pressure on market leader AOL, which holds around 56 percent market share with AIM and ICQ. And according to recent comScore Media Metrix numbers, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger together reach 33.5 million unique users each month, more than the 23 million running AIM.

But competing with AOL is likely not the primary reason Microsoft and Yahoo have linked up. The new threat to the IM heavyweights comes from voice chat and upstarts such as Skype that have taken the communications industry by storm. Google, meanwhile, recently launched a communications client called Google Talk that focuses on simple PC-to-PC calling.

Still, a source at Yahoo expressed concern about the new partnership to BetaNews, hypothesizing that interoperability will only serve to strengthen Microsoft’s position in the market.

Recently, IM software clients have evolved to link consumers to other services beyond just chat - from blogs to search. And if users are able to message contacts on Yahoo through the MSN client bundled with Windows, it could hamper Yahoo’s efforts to reach more eyeballs.

Microsoft is also reported to be in talks with Time Warner, and a deal to open the door between MSN Messenger and AIM has been rumored. However, nothing concrete has come from the discussions thus far.