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“Rocket Singh” (2009 – Hindi) Movie Review

Well firstly thanks to Bhavir Thakkar, who has inspired me to write these review at places where its more accessible to the necessary folks. Well then, This is my first review. Will try to sum it up in few lines.

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Shazahn Padamsee (daughter of AlyquePadamesee), Prem Chopra, Gauhar Khan.

The Movie starts with a real good ground reality on How Salesmen work and how they are ruled by the Sales Target deadlines. The characters in the movie are well carved in the 1st half including the “boss” of the trainee – Ranbir who is fun to watch. Also the timings of the dialogs of folks (boss, receptionist, the assembler and few folks) are too good :). The movie unfolds into a situation where the hero is forced to start his own company in the company he’s currently working. The drama goes smooth until the MD finds out about the ruckus. Prem Chopra makes a warm come-back.

Over usage of few dialogs (Superman). Movie drifts apart at some scenes. Inclusion of the Herione/Introduction could have been done much better. (Also could have carved some more parts for her sister ;)). Actor does a descent job in his role which i liked him breaking the “i-wanna-be-the-center-of-attraction” tag but still wears the “I-wanna-grab-every-piece-of-emotional-attention-i-can” which is tolerable. The movie shapes into a typical Hindi Movie into fictitious situations and an imaginary end. Use of Scotty Pep+ :p

Overall Feedback:
Nice to watch. I’ll give it 3/5. Just go in for watching the real characters (side actors) that make the movie really fun. Its lovely to watch the comics of “boss” and “Assembler” and sometimes the Actor. Not really worth spending a fortune to watch the movie.

Windows 7 Available in India from today - 22/10/2009

Windows 7, touted as the best Operating System ever from Microsoft (yes, that's us :)) is available in India from Today with the Laptop Manufacturers (OEMs).

Go Get your copy. :D

For newsmakers:

Windows 7 pre-sales have exceeded Harry Potter 7th book sales in AMAZON in UK! now beat that, which is quite impressive since Amazon's known for selling books and not software! :D
It also covered up all the pre-sales of Windows Vista in just 8 hours of its availability in pre-sales period.
Sources say it already has 1% of the World's OS market (inclusive of Beta1/RC/RTM available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers and yes few pirates).

I am on Windows 7. Are You?


System.Runtime.Interop.COMException when opening a web project in Visual Studio 2008

It was a funny error when I saw it yesterday morning. I dint have time to fix it and left it. The same solution was working in my other machine (Win7) and i was suspecting if it has something to do with the Visual Studio installation or that I was trying to access it from my new OS - Win Server 2008.

Well after a simple search on Bing - lo the resolution is quite simple - Just Run the Visual Studio 2008 as an Administrator :). The reason for this error is that VS2008 is not able to access the IIS metabase when UAC is turned on. I havent installed the Service Pack 1 for VS2008 which seems to give a nice little explaination for the error :D.

Hope this info helps. Thanks,

Win 7 - IE 8 Bug fix


Few updates are now available for Internet Explorer 8 running under Windows 7 RC1 of which I was facing since long time.

- You receive an error message in Internet Explorer 8 on a computer that is running Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC): “A webpage is not responding”

You can either use the built-in Windows Update or manually download then install KB970858 for Windows 7 RC1 Build 7100.



Awaiting Windows 7 RC

Well, I am all set to dump the Windows Vista Business (which I had purchased along with my laptop :( ). I have made a list of Programs (will post the list later) that I need to install once I get hands on Win7 RC. Hopefully all of them work…

The D-Date is 30th April for MSDN/TechNet Subscribers… and for it will be available for Public download on 5th May (as of now).

Update 1 (30 April, 09 : 2240 hrs IST) : Got the link ! Started to download... yippie..
Update 2 (1 May, 09 : 0020 hrs IST) : Got the ISO. Burning it now..., taking a back up of my HDD, need to burn Dell Recovery disk too !
Update 3 (last few hours till 1 May, 09 : 0800 hrs IST) : Backup took 3.5 hours :( .I was quite tired and slept after starting the installation at around 0430 hrs). Cant comment on the installation time, since wasnt awake. When i woke at 0800 hrs, couple of Next clicks and there I am with Windows 7 RC. Fully loaded. No need to set up Internet, it found by itself. Pretty fast I must say. I dint have time to play around with it. Dozed off again just to wake up 2 hrs later scampering for Office :p.