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Upgrading to BlogEngine.NET 1.6 from Previous versions

Hi All,

I use BlogEngine.NET , the best opensource .NET blogging platform. And on Friday morning I had been busy for about 20 mins upgrading to 1.6 version. The upgrade was pretty smooth but with one glitch. I found an issue while following the usual steps learnt over my previous upgrade experiences, Well then, there is a step missing (its missing even on the BlogEngine.NET Upgrade Page).

There has been some changes done to the App_Data\DataStore folder with some addition of some config files. I was eventually able to find this issue when BenAmada replied to me on the BlogEngine.NET forums. Well this fixes all the issues with the installation and I am currently checking out the new features of the upgrade!

For an excellent upgrade instruction guide head over to David Wynne’ Blog. I wish I had seen it earlier :)


Welcome back !!!


Finally after working for around 8 hours (is more than what it should have taken) to create a BlogEngine.NET theme in accordance with my website, I feel i am successful !

Well i had been facing some problems on this blog since past a month and dint find time to resolve it. Also i have lost all of my previous entries. I'll try and get those back later in few days.

For now, I am signing off. Please leave your comments about the theme.

UPDATE (Nov 20): Still some problem with the CSS and images too, I am trying to resolve it. Footer problem. dats it ! I guess I am finally done with all !

I'll make available the theme soon !

Thanking you all for keeping patience and faith (wtf ! Tongue out)

Bhavik Vora