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Update for CodeBOX


I am running late in the project, just cant devote some good time. Well this is all I am done with:

  • Membership and Database Design 
  • Project management
  • Release/Download Management
  • User management

Few things(major, time consuming) remaining are:

  • Issue/Task Management
  • License Management
  • and more of which i cant reveal more :P

I already have a wish list readied for the next release of CodeBOX. ;)
I hope the hype surrounding CodeBOX is somewhat relative to Vista, but believe me the release will just be as fantastic.

So seeking in more of time, whilst preparing for 2 damn Univ Exams and a holiday at Tithal, Gujarat with my friends for 31st, Signing off.

UPDATE: Will start work after my Sem Xams ie. 12/01/08


Bhavik Vora

another Project !

Well, I am quite Impressed by the way CodePlex works (Microsoft's OpenSource .NET project hosting, where BlogEngine.NET is also hosted). Also a friend's site inspired - AXIS Proton. Also off late I spent 'lil time in understanding the concepts of Membership, Roles and Profiles in ASP.NET 2.0. So I wanted to leverage the skills i just learnt into a project.

Project: CodeBOX, nevermind Projects are never without Codes ! (name change required !
Technologies: ASP.NET 2.0 (C#), SQL Server 2000(on server), SQL Server 2005(offsite), ASP.NET AJAX (after completion of project)
Time Frame: Analysis of the project is done, Implementation needed. Time should not be more than 4 working days (3-5 hours/day)
Release: Tentatively scheduled it for 23rd December, 2007 (if i dont go in for a vacn :P) 01/01/08.. da reason is that there is actually no1 tracking me and pressurising me to do da work :( and also GATE and Sem VII taking a big deal of time :(
Team: Finalising a team :P , anytakers? :P  Me alone.


Bhavik Vora