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Avatar 3D - (2009 – English)

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James Cameron, writer and director of Blockbusters like Terminator 1 and 2, Titanic, Aliens presents to you Avatar – a Sci-fiction movie set at backdrop of an alien land – Pandora and their inhabitants Na’vi (that understand and talk in English – Now I know why it is an universal language :p). It’s 2154AD, and Humans are deployed to a moon Pandora to Polyphemus for exploiting ‘Unobtanium’ (see the unusual name :)), a precious metal which sells for $20mn/kg back on Earth. And there are Scientists who are trying to understand Na’vi by creating hybrid Avatars. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is a former Marine who is paralyzed below waist, is chosen for the ‘Avatar Program’ when his twin brother who was a scientist there is killed. And he takes his brother's place because he is compatible with his brother’s avatar.

The story unfolds into Jake’s Avatar getting lost into the jungle and is attacked by many dangerous predators. This attracts the attention of a female Na’vi named Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) who initially thought of killing Jake, saves her when some floating seeds are attracted to him and she sees it as a spirityal sign from Eywa (mother goddess, they worship). Neytiri then takes her to the Na’vi Hometree, where the clan lives. Amidst much confrontation, Neytiri’s father, the leader of the tribe allows Jake being part of them.

Moving forward the story, underneath Na’vi hometree is enormous deposits of the precious metal. Colonel Miles Quaritch, head of military operations convinces Parker Selfridge, head of operations for the company to attack the clan and get hold of the situation. Earlier Miles had commanded Jack to obtain the trust of the Na’vi clan and convince them to migrate elsewhere. But, Jack falls in love with Neytiri and the events take an different turn. Not divulging much of the story, I recommend you to find it out yourself.

The movie has so much visually enthralling experiences. The whole Avatar experience is fun. The knowing of how the Na’vis live, survive, hunt and believe in soul. The way they say sorry to the animals after they are hunt. The cinematography, the sceneries, the funda’s of being a Na’vi, Choosing a ‘Toruk’, a winged creature which they use to hunt, the network of memories stored in sacred trees and the healing power of the Tree of Soul. The imagination just takes a elite level with 3D effects.

Positives: Everything. Every minute of 2hour 45 mins was spent well. 3D was a great plus.
Negatives: None that i can think of now.
Ratings: 5/5 (My First movie with 5/5 ratings!). Its a complete paisa-wasool. Go for it! Its the movie of the year :)

Ps. Please post your feedback on the movie/my review. Let me know where can I improve on. :) Thanks for your support.