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3 Idiots (2009 – Hindi)

Cast: Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, Madhavan, Kareena, Boman Irani.
Directed by : Rajkumar Hirani
Length: 2 hours 50 mins (approximately)

Loosely based on novel ‘5 Point Someone’ by Chetan Bhagat, '3-Idiots' is a feel good movie which is hilarious, filled with emotions and comes with a clear message for the current education system. Set in the background of an Engineering college, the movie focuses on the real ground issues prevalent in current system as theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge, exam stress, career rat race, student suicides, peer and parents pressure.

The film starts with Farhan (Madhavan) who has boarded a plane and a frantic call from his college friend “Silencer” who tells them that Rancho (Aamir) has been found. He manages to get the plane do an emergency landing by enacting a cardiac arrest and is on route to pick up Raju (Sharman). Soon they find that he is in Shimla and they start the journey to meet him. Then movie goes into a flashback.

Shot in IIM-Bangalore, the 3 students Farhan, Raju and Rancho enter the Imperial College of Engineering (ICE), the premier college of Engineering in India of which Viru Sahastrabudhhe aka ‘Virus’ (Boman Irani) is the dean of. College starts with Ragging of the newcomers where seniors are trying to force undo their pants. Rancho takes the charge and pulls of the plug on the senior with his plain simple knowledge of science. Following these are very comic sequences in college involving Rancho and various professors and the dean himself.

The movie rides on the emotional drama unfolding at various check points where Rancho emerges as the savior. Rancho is the best friend who makes his friends realize their dreams, the unknown stranger who ignites a break-up and then falls in love with Pia (Kareena) who is actually Viru’s daugher, the scientist who comes up with innovations that come from applying theory to practice. The ultimate timings of the dialogs and the jokes will engross you so much that you wouldn’t want the movie to stop.

Rancho emerges as the Student of the Year while he graduate and mysteriously disappears. And movie then comes back to the present. And from here to “All Iz Well” is the happy ending of the movie.

There is so much to write in the review. But wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for the movie-goers. :).

Positives: Movie is a laughter riot. Based on a strong script Aamir, Sharman and Madhavan delivers the positive message that Hirani wishes to tell as he has done with the MunnaBhai series. You can relate Rancho with Munnabhai, and will fall in love with the fun-loving, patient and extremely soft hearted character. The Music is notably good. Boman is also an respectable and adorable in his role.

Negatives: Kareena was in a short 20 min cameo role. (I’d rather consider it as a positive, but for the junta).

Verdict: 5/5. After all the movie is inspired from “5 point someone” ;). The movie is a total paisa-wasool and is right for this festive season. I am really lucky to see the 2 awesome movies – Avatar and 3 Idiots back to back, a good start to the end of this year. I am ready to watch any of the movie again. Any goers ?

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“Rocket Singh” (2009 – Hindi) Movie Review

Well firstly thanks to Bhavir Thakkar, who has inspired me to write these review at places where its more accessible to the necessary folks. Well then, This is my first review. Will try to sum it up in few lines.

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Shazahn Padamsee (daughter of AlyquePadamesee), Prem Chopra, Gauhar Khan.

The Movie starts with a real good ground reality on How Salesmen work and how they are ruled by the Sales Target deadlines. The characters in the movie are well carved in the 1st half including the “boss” of the trainee – Ranbir who is fun to watch. Also the timings of the dialogs of folks (boss, receptionist, the assembler and few folks) are too good :). The movie unfolds into a situation where the hero is forced to start his own company in the company he’s currently working. The drama goes smooth until the MD finds out about the ruckus. Prem Chopra makes a warm come-back.

Over usage of few dialogs (Superman). Movie drifts apart at some scenes. Inclusion of the Herione/Introduction could have been done much better. (Also could have carved some more parts for her sister ;)). Actor does a descent job in his role which i liked him breaking the “i-wanna-be-the-center-of-attraction” tag but still wears the “I-wanna-grab-every-piece-of-emotional-attention-i-can” which is tolerable. The movie shapes into a typical Hindi Movie into fictitious situations and an imaginary end. Use of Scotty Pep+ :p

Overall Feedback:
Nice to watch. I’ll give it 3/5. Just go in for watching the real characters (side actors) that make the movie really fun. Its lovely to watch the comics of “boss” and “Assembler” and sometimes the Actor. Not really worth spending a fortune to watch the movie.