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Novices@Work Interview by LIM :)


Lavin, my good friend had an interview with the Team. Here is the link to the interview:


Well About LIM (Lavin Mirchandani) - Hes just amazing in his work. A constant innovator and a budding entrepreneur. A great guy to interact and work with ;)

Thanks for the interview, well  you took out your precious time for it a day before your vivas :)


Bhavik Vora. 

Imagine Cup 2008 SDI India Winners !


I am really sorry for writing this bolg post really late. But we have done it ! Novices@Work have won the Imagine Cup 2008 Software Design Invitational India Finals. Well we had 3 teams in the national finals - Team SKAN, EcoWarriors and ourselves Novices@Work.

Our project - Kalpavriksha was Building low cost sensor network that monitors the agricultural field parameters and then analyse the data and build an expert system to guide the farmers to make decision.

Team SKAN and Novices@Work got qualified to the top-3 teams, where they gave presentation on-stage. Both the teams were good in their prez, well couldnt have made a choice between the two.

To read more about the success stories -

A superb commentry on the proceedings of the 3 days at Bangalore is available on Karun's blog. Well the above links are also his contribution. ;)

Well we'll be representing India in Paris in July :). And aha.. myname not featured in the list - cos i am da team Mentor ;)

Wish us all the best for the world finals.



Imagine Cup 2008 India SDI dates postponed(yet again)

Hey all,

Well I am definitely not gonna comment anything on it. The new dates of IC2008 - SDI are:

December 1, 2007: Registration Open
February 14, 2008: Round 1 Submission Deadline
February 28, 2008: Round 1 Results Announced
March 20, 2008: Round 2 Submission Deadline
April 5, 2008: Round 2 Results Announced
May 9, 2008: India SDI National Finals
The India SDI National Finals will be held at Bangalore on Friday, 9th May, 2008

Hope you have already started working for it. Take time to brush up you idea.


Bhavik Vora.

IC SDI Round 1 Example Submission


In last few days, I have been getting many queries about how to write the Round 1 Submission of IC SDI. This post will solve some (if not the most) of the queries.

Last year, we were given a format to do the Submission. Click Here (80.84 kb) to download it. Remember that this is the format that was expected last year. It may vary for this years submission. I'll explain the submission with respect to last year's format. You can take this as a starting point for your submission. Hope you do check the actual required format and follow it.

The titles are self explanatory. I'll just point out few points.

Project Motive
In here you actually write what problem are you trying to solve through your idea. Remember, the idea is the most important thing, while implementation is secondary issue. Make sure your idea affects a mass of people, rather than a select group (Exceptions in some special cases). In short, this is the brief intro for your project. So you need to make it really appealing.

Technologies/Resources Used in the Application
Write the names of technologies/APIs that you may use. It is not compulsary to use the technology once you have written it. (Hence you can bluff the usage of it ;)). Make sure you know what each technology helps in achieving. For Eg. Speech API (SAPI) can be used for Speech to text conversion and vice versa. You dont need to explain the use here, but just the knowlegde of usage of technologies will be helpful for next rounds.

Project Description
This is the main part of the submission. Here, you need not go about the implementation again, but the functionalities your application will be providing. For Eg. My application will be available on a Smart Phone, which has a very limited set of features, but it provides me access to the data anywhere and whenever I want.

Project’s Impact
Another important part. This should again highlight how your application will help the world to be a better place or rather your explaination for the theme - "Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment". Make sure you highlight your USP of the project here.

Business Proposition
Every project should be business viable or else its just shunned to the research world. You need to explain how are you going to sell your product or even you can enlist the finantial gains (or in this case, environment gains) by the use of the software.

I hope to have given a brief idea of making the Round 1 Submission. Be clear - your Idea is more important than anything. Think of something that is unique and effective. It may be imppossible to implement it but you never know, someone already knows how exactly to do it. Your idea can change the world. Be the part of the change you want the world to be.

Hope it helps.


Bhavik Vora

Imagine Cup 2008 SDI dates changed !


The dates mentioned in my previous post about Imagine Cup 2008 SDI have been modified.

The new dates are:
December 1, 2007: Registration Open
January 31, 2008: Round 1 Submission Deadline (Postponed from 15th January)
February 15, 2008: Round 1 Results Announced
March 15, 2008: Round 2 Submission Deadline
March 28, 2008: Round 2 Results Announced
April 25, 2008: India SDI National Finals
The India SDI National Finals will be held at Bangalore on Friday, 25th April, 2008.

Gear up for the Challenge, now that you have got enough time for Round 1 Submission.

Thanks Krunal for sharing this info again.


Bhavik Vora

Imagine Cup 2008 - SDI Deadlines for India


Dates for Imagine Cup Software Design Invitational(SDI) are announced. Here are dates for the SDI deadlines for India:

December 1, 2007: Registration Open
January 15, 2008: Round 1 Submission Deadline
January 31, 2008: Round 1 Results Announced
March 7, 2008: Round 2 Submission Deadline
March 21, 2008: Round 2 Results Announced
April 25, 2008: IC2008 SDI India National Finals at Bangalore.

Well the experience gained here is just unmatchable. This is the worlds largest Software Design contest.

So, Go Challenge yourself !

This information has been shared by Krunal Dedhia. Thanks Krunal


Bhavik Vora