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Live Mesh Reviewed :)

Well its over 3 month that i have been using Live Mesh. I am quite amazed by the potential it has to change the face of computing in the years to come. It is a tech preview of the Software + Services (S+S) platform. Well thanks to Vaibhav who had provided me with an invitation to the tech preview.

Well Live Mesh is all about sharing and synchronising data + applications on a cloud of desktops and mobile devices (laptops and windows mobile enabled devices). At present moment, we can connect desktops and laptops to the service known as Mesh Operating Environment. We can share folders and files across PCs running Windows OS. Believe me this is working so good for me, since i have a laptop and desktop with me. The need for sync is so desperate since sometimes I am working on my laptop and sometimes my laptop. It also has a remote PC login feature over the web, which is not so fast as of now. Uploading files and folders is little slow while accessing is normal. Well its not just sharing between devices, you can share specific folders with specific list of people.

The vision for Live Mesh is big ! From inclusion of different PCs (Macs, Windows Mobile Devices) to sharing of applications between various devices. Well I am not sure when will it release, but since I am in Microsoft now, may know about the developments soon :)

The service provides 5 GB space and is currently invitation based. open for all (not sure yet!) ! you can try and register using your Windows Live ID on http://mesh.com. Go alive !!!

UPDATE: Live Mesh has been opened up for basic Windows Mobile access. Check out how it works at - http://m.mesh.com.

Also find more info about Live mesh:


Bhavik Vora