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New Version of PhotoResizer Coming soon :)


For the last week, I have been tweaking the (old) release of PhotoResizer to include more features and remove bugs. I have released the version to few of my close friends, and based on their feedback, will release it here on the website. (Well if you are genuinely interested in beta testing the app before I release here, please send me an email :)).

Some of the features in the yet-to-be-released version are:

- Drag and Drop image fieles for selection
- Improved performance (multithreaded to give you better response)
- Bug Fixed: File resizing by pixels
- Setup for PhotoResizer

Haven't included many features, but the features included here were essential.

Hope this version is much stable and proves useful. Keep watching this space for more info.

PS. Previous release are here: http://blog.bhavikvora.com/page/PhotoResizer-Release.aspx
Its pretty old release and I'll recommend you wait till this weekend for the upcoming release.


Bhavik Vora

(batch) PhotoResizer Release


I am releasing PhotoResizer. The application is a small utility that helps in (batch) resizing of Photos (Jpeg images).

Latest Version: (dont mind the numbers :P)

Change since Last Revision: Click Here

Pre - Requisites:
.NET Framework 2.0

Select Bulk Images to resize
Resize Image by Pixels or %age
Control Quality of resized Images
Zip the resized Images
Conversion and resizing of bmp and png resizing to jpg
Save and review Log

Known Issues
The Application hangs when it has more than 50 photos (for 512MB RAM). Please make sure you batch the photos. I am working around this issue. If any1 can help me with this, contact me asap. :)

1) If you have any previous versions of PhotoResizer, please uninstall it first with help of Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
2) Download the Setup Archive (.zip) from here - PhotoResizer (333.10 kb).
3) Extract the files using utility such as WinRar or WinZip.
4) Run the Setup.exe from the folder
5) Start the application from Start-> Programs-> PhotoResizer->PhotoResizer

Terms of Use:
This software is not to be resold. Use the software at your own risk. Please make backup of the images the application will process. I am not responsible for any loss of work or time or pics ;) Please don't use the software in a business environment which has risks of losing critical data.


For feature requests or reporting bugs, you can mail me at - contactme@bhavikvora.com

Also I need your comments and feedback to understand your needs. I have given just over 5 hours of my time in between the exams (I just love to do it ;)). I hope the software comes into good use as it did for me. There are few kinks in the software, and I am trying to put things in place.

I'll be developing a project page soon for PhotoResizer on CodeBox :).



PhotoResizer Updates and Revision History


This is a post dedicated to keep a tab on the versions/releases. I just hope my CodeBox comes alive ! Its getting difficult to maintain my project :(

Latest PhotoResizer ver:
Release Date: 31 January 2008.
Downoad Information: Click Here to go to the respective post.

Revision History: 

Release Date: 31 January 2008

Resize Photos by selecting photos, not folder-wise - Thanks SaM for the feature request.
Zip the resized Images - Thanks Karthik for the feature request :)
Conversion and resizing of bmp and png resizing to jpg

Release Date: 12 January 2008

There have been issues with the Application trying to open each file as a jpg image and trying to resize it. I overlooked a piece of code, while formatting it. And now i have corrected it. 

Release Date: 10 January 2008

First Release to public download.



(Batch) PhotoResizer !


Okay, I just start new Projects and halfway leave them. But here's a project which i just thought of a few hours (2 hrs) ago and got it working, ofcourse from some helf from Coding4Fun.

We'd been to Tithal (Valsad), Gujarat last week to celebrate the New Years' eve and we'd a cuppa of pics which were each 3MB big. We'd thought of manualy resize each pic thru Paint/Photoshop but would have been time consuming. (We did have a lot of time, who wud study SE :P). So i just made up a working App of the PhotoResizer. Here is the screen shot:


  • Seperate input and output folders
  • only Jpg file support
  • Save Logs
  • Resize by Pixels

Still lot of things to put on before release:

  • Resize by %age
  • more file supports
  • Progress Bar
  • JPEG compression

I'll release the app soon for test after i add these minor features ;)

Well dats all from me, I've gotta start SE or else i am screwed on 8th Jan !


Bhavik Vora