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Windows Live Messenger (Messenger 8) Beta 1

Welll Having got a chance to beta test for Windows Live Messenger after I got Invitation from Microsoft.

GooD Part
The interface no doubt is cool.
Offline Messages !!!
Icons for Individual contacts are too big.
Timestamping in conversations.
Nudges from both sides can be blocked.(bug out here)
Colourful Windows for each Contact.
Different Sharing Folders For each Contact.

The Bad Part
The Advertisements are tooo bad.
Icons geting enlarged on hovering quite annoying..have to set unhovering in da options windows.
Tabs (can be blocked).
MSN Plus Doesnt work with this.

The option in
Messages->Allow me to send and receive Nudges
blocks ur Nudges but still allows others to nudge u.

Windows Live Mail Beta Tested…

Well i have got yet another invitation for Windows Live mail beta… (its been over a month now)… well. kinda bored of it really .. thrs been so many bugs and knada so much of probs.. but atleast good features also…

Good ones first!!!

  • 2 Gb of Storage !!!
  • Faster, Faster and Faster…
  • Neat inteface…
  • Spell Check and Keyboard Shortcuts…. tooo good
  • Right Click Enabled for varoious opns –> forwarding, Replying, Deleting
  • Drag and Drop

Bad ones>>>

  • Theres no option for Deleting more than one mail at one go?? I need to dreag and drop each mail
  • Size of mail and mail box not known

Waiting for>>>

  • New storage meter
  • Keyboard shortcuts to compose, reply, or move e-mail messages
  • The ability to change how many messages are displayed in the Message List
  • Delete and Move buttons at the bottom of e-mail messages
  • The ability to add Mail Beta or MSN Messenger contacts from the Sent Mail Confirmation page
  • The ability to navigate to contacts that begin with a certain letter
    Integration of Mail Beta with MSN Messenger
  • Custom filters
  • Links to other MSN sites and services like MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces
  • The ability to add and customize a Signature
  • The ability to search within e-mail messages

Look about it here…