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Why you should care about WP7 development?


A lot of folks asked me – Why should I care about Windows Phone 7 (WP7) development? iPhone and Android are already the Market front runners, so why build for a very new platform?

I give you few reasons why you should care about WP7 Development -

1. It’s a different Phone! Not just another rip-off of the innovative Apple Screen. And BTW people are loving it!

2. Its built for efficiency

3. OEMs feel its easier to build WP7 phones

4. It uses XNA to develop for games, same framework used for developing XBox Games. So you can get your game run on 3 screens – Xbox, PC and WP7. Also many Game Studios like EA have committed to build games for WP7 platform.

5. Marketplace just has 1k applications – here’s the potential to earn money! Other platforms Marketplace being so filled with Apps (last heard of 250k apps in Apple Marketplace and some 100k apps in Android store), so selling your app through thousands of applications will be difficult.

6. All major apps and games like Shazam and Bejeweled available across iPhone and Android are available. Special apps for Kindle, Twitter, Netflix are already available in Market place.

7. It promises tight integration of Office, Bing Maps, Bing Search, Xbox, Facebook, Zune Music and Windows Live. It awesome with Hubs maintaining single view of multiple apps.

8. As a developer you also have an option to build Application using Silverlight. So put your existing C# skills to use to develop apps quickly. Ohh BTW, developing on WP7 is a LOT easier than developing on other platforms! (I am not sure of this, but this is what developers are saying on the web).

9. The developer tools(Visual Studio Express) are free. Unlike you need to buy Mac to develop for iOS.

10. Minimum-Specs for WP7 hint at High-end hardware. This means your application using features like Accelerometer and Camera will work perfectly on every WP7 device.

There might be few shortcomings of the platform (Copy-paste, Flash etc) but these should be ironed out in future releases. :)

Did I also mention that Bill Gates is using WP7.

So what are you waiting for? Start developing for WP7 right away!


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