Aim: We aim to build community based self-healing Mesh Network using Microsoft's Mesh Resource Toolkit 2005.

Abstract:Community mesh networks

Our Project aims to create a mesh network that allows computers to cooperate and forward each other’s packets so that they can share Internet access via gateways that are distributed in their neighborhood which makes it fast and cost-effective. Packets dynamically find a route, hopping from one neighbor's node to another to reach the Internet through one of these gateways. Another advantage is that neighbors can cooperatively deploy backup technology and never have to worry about losing information due to a catastrophic disk failure. A third advantage is that this technology allows bits created locally to be used locally without having to go through a service provider and the Internet. Neighborhood community networks allow faster and easier dissemination of cached information that is relevant to the local community.

Also our project covers the use of Virtual Wi-Fi. There are a number of scenarios where it is desirable to have a wireless device connect to multiple networks simultaneously. This is possible only by using multiple wireless network cards in the device. Unfortunately, using multiple wireless cards causes excessive energy drain and consequent reduction of lifetime in battery operated devices. Using software based approach; we can facilitate simultaneous connections to multiple networks by virtualizing a single wireless card. The wireless card is virtualized by introducing an intermediate layer below IP, which continuously switches the card across multiple networks. The goal of the switching algorithm is to be transparent to the user who sees his/her machine as being connected to multiple networks. This is effectively called a Virtual Wi-Fi system. This enables the Concurrent Connectivity i.e. a user can connect her machine to an ad hoc network, while staying on her authorized infrastructure network.

What this site provides ?
Though we will not be able to provide modified source code, we will provide the following on our site:
1. Full length documentation (coming soon)
2. All libraries and references
3. Links to various related topic over web
4. Screenshots and reference diagrams (coming soon)

Hope it helps. You are free to contact the team members in case of any questions or suggestions. Critics are welcome too :)