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Known Issues

Well every software has some bugs, and if doesn&##39;t have - it doesn&##39;t have code :P. There are few known issues, which have easy workarounds:

  • During Setup, it ask for downloading and installation of .NET 3.5 SP1, which can be ignored. Just cancel the download and proceed with the installation. This issue has been fixed in the latest setup file.
  • The images are replaced if they exist in Output Folder (Workaround - Check the output folder and take backups if needed. Will be fixed in next version)
  • While using the Zipping files option, it includes all the files in the output folder in the Zip (Workaround - Check the output folder. No fix, its by design)
  • Also if the zip file exists in the folder (with the foldername), it&##39;ll add files to the zip rather than creating a new file.  (Workaround - Check the output folder. Will be fixed by next version)

If you face any issues, please contact me with the exact reproduction steps.

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