Engineering Resources (CMPN/IT)

Here's the resources that you may find useful in due course of the Engineering. Well the Syllabus of Mumbai University has changed, but you know that da programs wont ever change ! ;)

Name Description Size
CP2 C++ Programs 12 KB
Data Structures Programs in C 12 KB
Analysis of Algorithms DSA and AOA programs in C/C++ 141 KB
Microprocessor - 8086 Reading Material 480 KB
μP 8086 programs Programs in Assembly language 24 KB
Computer Networks Simulated programs in Java/C 5 KB
Java Java Programs 110 KB
DCOM Digital Communication programs in C/C++ 23 KB
COA COA Programs in C/C++ 32 KB
Web Technology Ack. Balwinder 60 KB
OS Java/C++ - Ack. Balwinder 13 KB

I hope you find it useful :). I am not responsible for any of the programs. Please use it at your own risk ;) You are free to copy and distribute the programs.

The above files are archived in .zip or .rar format. Use WinRar or WinZip 10.0 to extract and use the files.