Special thanks to ...

I would like to thank a few due to which this site is up. Also some who have always motivated and helped me at all points of my life. I wanted to make this page short ! So don't hit me if I forgot to include you here, 'cos you already are present in the best place I can ever treasure you. (my heart !)

Firstly, I would like to thank my parents. Its due to them, I am here and I got an opportunity to learn so much in life.

I am thankful to Vaibhav Sathe, who has been my mentor and guide since two years now. He has always been helping me to learn new languages. Its due to him, I got an opportunity in innovate'06 and then again here hosting a site. This website was initially hosted on Vaibhav's Server.

Okay, I would not like to thank these guys, but kya karein, after all these are my best buddies. I am just mentionioning their name (not in any order) -
Vishad, Sagar, Hardik, Veenit, Krunal, Ankit, Vinay. Well there are lots many including gals, but I wont be able to name them all. Pls Maaf Karna. :P

Ruchir Shashtri - I cant tell more. He has been the most silent helper. He lives in Baroda, but when I need help, hes' just a click away. This website has been hosted on his server, http://softsyshosting.com  since 3 years now and I must say I haven't really had more than 3 Service Requests !

Who can forget the Designing great, Naveen Shetty, who really helped me in getting design problems of my previous site solved.

I also want to thank all who have always supported me - my sis Jyots, my bro Somal, and all my cousins, friends, girl-friends ;), and well wishers.